Where did Lumenlab.com go?

I just received an email where someone was looking for Lumenlab CNC micRo config files. I had to check it out, and apparently Lumenlab has flown the coop. This is a bit disheartening to see.

Many months ago I logged into the forum to see many people asking where the owners of LL had been, and there were no replies from them with an answer. There were only suspicions and guesses as to where they could be. Had they ditched the production at that point?

I know that the micRo router existed because I have a version of it, but apparently there may be others that never received their finished CNC router. I’d really like to know what happened.

If anyone knows more to the story, I’d like you to comment. To be sure, I am clearly in the unknown on this situation other than lumenlab.com does not display. I haven’t contacted Lumenlab in a long time since receiving my router. One thing is for sure, I am on my own with my router if something ever goes wrong.

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5 thoughts on “Where did Lumenlab.com go?

  1. I have been researching cnc kits for a while now and before the lumenlab forum went down the talk was that the owner/operator of the company had come down with medical issues. He was unfortunatly not able to build any more amd the web site was still up and running to take orders. Pehaps some of these discussions are still available in search engine caches?

  2. Tony, thanks for the comment. I remember hearing about BC’s illness. I thought that production was still running for the most part, but I hadn’t checked the LL website in months.

    I hope that he and his family are doing well.

    The micRo is a great machine, and it is sad that they have a slim chance of being in production ever again.

  3. Er, that’s not a forum, that just says “RIP LumenLab”!
    Or am I missing something?

    I can set one up if required. Shame I didn’t archive the old forum. I’ve got loads of the posts bookmarked, but that’s not much use now!

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