What am I up this week? 4-5-12

Nothing. What I am considering is that I have a lot to accomplish, but since I graduated from college I’ve never felt busier. Perhaps it’s because I took on Amateur Radio and that gets a little attention here and there.

Usually, I am the one that does the repairing on musical equipment, but this week I’ve been the one under attack. Last year I had a guitar amp stolen, but I was able to get a reimbursement for the used cost of that amp. I took that money and purchased a VHT Special 6. That amp began making a buzzing sound (or farting) when I play any note from Bb to C on the A string. Bb to C chords also don’t go well. I have to check three things. I have to check the tubes, the speaker, and the connections. Yup, that’s everything.

I switched the 6v6 for something else. I can’t even remember what. I think it was an EL34. I’ll throw the 6V6 back in and use one of my other 12ax7 tubes to see if that solves the problem. Fun.
My Ovation acoustic (1982 manufacture) is also having issues. I put it away for a few months and I took it out today to restring it and play it. After stringing it, I plugged it into an amp, but no sound came out. Then I remembered why I put it away in the first place. The output jack was loose and I think a wire broke. I tightened the jack and it seems to be working fine, but I’m sure that it is just another ticking tim bomb.
I also resoldered an SMT switch to a Shure wireless mic. That only took 30 minutes to figure out how to take it apart, solder it, and reassemble. Finally, I have two more amps to work on besides my VHT. I have another hand built amp that the tubes went bad in, and I have a friend’s amp that needs to be re-tubed. He gave me his new tubes today. His Marshall makes a crazy mechanical fart noise that is intermittent and unpredictable. I checked everything and the only thing I can think of is that the preamp tubes were going out. The amp was played for hours a day every day and I think they were just worn out. I didn’t have enough tubes to switch them out so I couldn’t test that idea.
In the Amateur Radio hobby, I have been chasing the ISS as much as I can. The space station has been orbiting late at night and early in the morning, so I have missed a ton of passes. There is one in about 5 minutes so I’ll try to catch that.
Have a great weekend.

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I am an electronics enthusiest and a ham radio operator (W1RCP). I like to play with electronics. It's fun and educational. I looked forward to working in the engineering field in the future. I have a BS in Electronics Engineering Technology from DeVry University. I also have an Associate's degree in Marketing Management from Moultrie Tech, and a diploma in Electronics from MTC.