Ubuntu 10.04.1: Read-only file system?

I had an unfortunate event happen to my HP Pavilion zv6000 laptop tonight.  I had been listening to Internet radio in the shower (no, the laptop wasn’t in the shower), and I left it on the counter to play music all day. My wife complained about the music this evening so I took it back into my study-work room/junk area.

I switched to another screen and closed Firefox, and I pulled my terminal from the foreground and began to type ‘clear’ to get a clean screen. I noticed that nothing happened. It still had a few outputs from previous adventures. Then I typed ‘cl’ just to see what would happen. Nothing. Just a new prompt. Usually, typing garbage in will bring up something or an error. I tried to ‘sudo apt-get update’.  It said something along the lines of “Input/Output error”.

By this point I was getting mad. I tried a bunch of stuff. The terminal told me at some point that I had a read-only file system. I Googled to no avail. It seems that quite a few folks have had this happen, and nobody was able to solve it.

Running: Ubuntu 10.04.1 LTS
HD Capacity: 22G (5.6G used)

I read somewhere that having a disc error causes your system to go read only. Restarting means you have to do a hard power down. I found my Live CD and did just that. I just booted from first hard drive, and everything seems to be in order.

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