Top Tools to Take to an Onsite Repair

There comes a time in a repair technician’s life when he/she may need to go to a customer’s home to repair something. The tools vary from trade to trade, and I can’t speak for every one of them, but for the field of general electronics repairs there are a few tools that you should never be without.

Every job is going to be different, and it is best to do a little research and adjust your tool box before leaving your home/workshop/business. Most electronics are easily accessed using standard screwdrivers, but newer electronics may employ proprietary screws and connectors.

  1. In any tool kit that is leaving the shop, a good assortment of screwdrivers and nut drivers is a must. Both Metric and Standard nut drivers are an unfortunate must. Don’t forget the jeweler’s sizes. Having a screwdriver kit with interchangeable tips is a plus. The common tips will be square, hex, and Torx. There are tamper resistant types that are even more annoying. Check out the list at Wikipedia.
  2. A flashlight. I choose to carry a pocket pen light by Streamlight. You may also want to keep a brighter flashlight or perhards one with a larger beam. You can never predict the lighting situations in the places you will go.
  3. A digital multimeter…but even more importantĀ is a good set of gator clip leads. Nothing is more annoying than having to hold the leads of your DMM to contacts while flipping switches or wiggling parts testing for shorts.

These are the top three items that I always have. I’m also always looking for expansion kits for my screw drivers. You can never have too many types. You will most likely encounter many of them in the field. Most times, only the proper tool can access these pieces.

About robbie

I am an electronics enthusiest and a ham radio operator (W1RCP). I like to play with electronics. It's fun and educational. I looked forward to working in the engineering field in the future. I have a BS in Electronics Engineering Technology from DeVry University. I also have an Associate's degree in Marketing Management from Moultrie Tech, and a diploma in Electronics from MTC.