This week @ tech-tut (August 5)

Things are going well this week. A few Cigar Box Amps have been sold on the eBay. One CBA was modified for a gentleman interested in buying it on Etsy. I added a DC jack for use with a wall adapter. I am thinking that the wall adapter jack needs to be standard on all of the CBAs built by me because several people have asked about them.

A couple of repairs were sent my way this week. A few Danelectro pedals came through that had some loose parts. A touch of resoldering brought them back to a reliable life. Two straightening irons were repaired. One had a short in the plug and at the elbow. I spliced and resoldered the joints and heatshrinked them back to life.

This weekend I’ll be assembling a few more Cigar Box Amps. I have enough supplies to build two more before having to reorder parts. I’m thinking about exclusively selling them on Etsy from now on. I sell them at such low prices that I’m working for about $2 an hour after the eBay fees are paid. That’s not even hardly worth my time, but I enjoy building them, and I believe will be the best route for me to go.

Finally, I’m preparing my work shop for my new Lumenlab micRo V3 CNC router. I posted a new entry with a photo here–> Preparing for a Lumenlab micRo V2(V3) CNC Router It’s due to ship any day now.

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