The Temp/Humidity/Dewpoint Datalogger: Final Product

Well, due to eBay difficulties, I was severely delayed in finishing this project. It seems that the person that I ordered my first blue LCD display from didn’t want to send a few folks their stuff this month. I went to check on the status of my order, and there were negative feedbacks from around the time that I placed it. So much for that. They sure were inexpensive.

To fix the display problem I ordered a display from HVWTECH.COM. They are my favorite when it comes to my little orders. I bought the MELABS 4×20 display so that I can have more info on one screen.

The new LCD has a completely different communication procedure than the one that I previously used. I had to change many functions based on the MELABS LCD, but I think it worked out for the best.

Another time consuming part of this project has been the circuit soldering and fabrication. I’m using perfboard instead of etching, and I am making sure that it is somewhat neat looking. I am also making a lot of connections with servo wires to make it neat looking inside the box.

I made some rough cuts with a Dremel tool to mount the LCD in the box, but I may take it to a machine shop in town and use a mill to finish the LCD cutout. I want this to look as neat as possible.

The final program will take measurements and display them in real time. It keeps time with a DS1305 RTC and a 32.768kHz crystal. The major change from the experiments leading up to this point is that there will be a switch to take readings in a given interval and record them to EEPROM. The lower half of the LCD will display the history of recorded data. I’ll have to write myself a manual on how to use my creation for sure.

Finally, I am writing a program in Linux to read the EEPROM memory and perform some functions using a Serial port. I think this is going to be my last blog on this project. I am making this into a whole page by itself due to the new developments. Check back soon for updates to this project. Updates are severely delayed.

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