The SHT11 Temperature Probe Lives!!!

I combined my LCD and temp probe files into one and compiled…and (revised and compiled)*(at least 20 times)!  (revised and compiled)*(at least 20 times)=a long night. I started working on this from 3 to 4pm. Then I picked back up at 10pm and I finally had it working by 2am. I now have a temperature, humidity and dewpoint reading. The SHT11 (from eBay or Parallax) is a great little item once you get a program written for it. Since I like to use Microchip and CCS C, I had to write a program, but I used the Basic Stamp examples for guidance.

So what’s next? Now I’m going to take a real time clock, crystal, and a super cap and give this thing time keeping abilities. It’s been a while since I’ve worked with the RTC so I’m going to be a minute or two with this. I’m going to have to review the nixie tube clock project to get my code. I’ll also have to wire up some buttons to set the time and such. This project is going to be very nice! Here are the the code files for you to view. I split them up into 3 parts so that I could view the functional parts easier. Again, I used the PIC16F690 chip, but I’m afraid that the clock functions are going to peg out the ROM, so I may be upgrading to the PIC16F887 next week. Not a problem since I just have to change header files.

temperature.c The main program
tempprobe.h The SHT11 functions
lcdinfo.h The LCD functions

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