The Junkyard 2m Yagi works!

Azimuth map -

The other day my uncle came up with a neat little design for a light pole that he moves around the shop. It uses a 1.25″ pvc compression coupling. I used one of the threaded ends to connect it to a 2″ cleanout fitting. The threads fit close enough that it screwed together. This is so that I can pack the antenna and mast up and move it. It actually carries around quite nice.

Pictures are a must, and I will post them soon. I just wanted to blog that I was able to hit the KE4URL repeater with 2.5 watts (which I estimate at 40+ miles). I also hit WG4JOE’s repeater which is located in Parrot, Ga.

I was able to get the side tone through KE4URL, but at 10pm, nobody was talking. I marked the spot with a marker on my mast, then I estimated that the other repeater was at about 10 degrees based on a contact that I made while mobile on that repeater.

WG4JOE answered, but he informed me that my transmission was hardly intelligible. I climbed the ladder and turned my antenna about 10 degrees towards the west and gave my call sign again. He almost caught most of it, but he heard Moultrie and suggested that we switch to my local repeater to talk.

While on the local repeater I could use a half watt with no worries without directing my Yagi. I informed WG4JOE that I was using an HT with a low battery and that my antenna was pointed at 10 degrees North then 0 degrees North, estimated. He said that I would probably get a better copy if I turned the repeater to about 310 degrees or so. After looking everything up, it appears that he was about spot on. 310-320 degrees. I will try that some day this week and see what the results are.

Another thing to note is that feed lines make a big difference. I had been using a cable that was coupled together, and the losses are pretty insane through the coupling. A single piece is the way to go.

I am very happy with my scrapyard Yagi. Even though the Yagi wasn’t pointed directly at WG4JOE, that was still a 100+Km contact.

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