Serial LCD and breadboards that I bought from eBay

I’ve been doing some shopping lately on The eBay. I went into my barn the other day and couldn’t find a single solderless breadboard. How can an experimenter work without one? So I tried to find some SPICE programs to help me play some. No way! That is not something I want to spend hundreds to thousand of dollars on.
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Temperature, Humidity, Dewpoint and Clock datalogger

This is another project that I am currently working on. I started this one back in February and had quite a bit of programming done. I am using the PIC16F887 microchip and programming it in C. I had pages upon pages written, and the program was deleted from my computer. Well, today I am glad that it was deleted because it has enabled me to write a much better program. My first one was very sloppy. I started writing the program into several parts to keep it simple, and at the end I will slowly begin to combine the segments as needed. The first thing I will need to do is combine an LCD snippet and the SHT11 temp probe snippet to make sure that the SHT11 portion of the program actually works. I wrote the program according to examples from the BasicStamp, and sometimes breaking those down can be tough.

SHT11 datasheet hosted on