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My travels in repairing broken electronics

Here are my first steps in the repairs this week:

  1. Search Google [or your favorite search engine] for published schematics.
  2. Start at the wall and work your way in.
  3. Check solder connections and part integrity all the way through. Broken jacks, resistors, solder joints, etc. could lead you to the source of disaster.
  4. Look for burn marks or abnormal-looking solder connections. [Solder can and occasionally will defy gravity.]
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Fixing my Black and Decker 14.4V Battery Charger

UPDATE!!! – I revisited this repair. Read the history below then go here:
Black and Decker 14.4V Battery Charger Repair (revisited and improved)
History: I own a 14.4V Black and Decker cordless drill with a laser. My wife bought it for me for some reason; probably because I liked it, and she wanted me to build something.
Measuring the voltage drop across the 10Ohm resistor

Measuring the voltage drop across the 10Ohm resistor

A little over a year ago, I was given a 14.4V B&D Firestorm drill that quit working. The Firestorm charger quit charging, as verified by the transformer windings giving me an open reading on the “Oh-meter”. To clarify, “‘Oh’, that’s why it isn’t charging.”
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Once Upon a Time: The First Steps On How To Fix Something

This is a shortly long story on the first step in fixing things, whether it was successful or not. Enjoy.

Sometimes stuff breaks. Your television died, the dog gets out of the invisible fence, the remote doesn’t change the channels, and the Wii quit working. We’ve all been there, and it makes you wonder why things “just stop working.” Sometimes the solution is easier than it appears.
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