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Infrared remote light control system

Read below for history, but the final project is here!

This is an idea I had to control lights in my room. I like light when I am getting into the bed, but I hate getting up to turn off the light. With this system I can turn the light off without getting up. The only problem that I have is that I did not allow enough room for the infrared receiver to receive a signal from all angles.
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How to build a robot: Robot with a brain! Part I

Part I tutorial shows you:

  • Common terms you may encounter
  • How to use servos (continuous rotation and standard)
  • How to use an Analog Infra-Red Ranging System
  • How to use a Passive Infra-Red sensor
  • How to make your own NiCd/NiMh battery charger (at your on risk)
  • Pictures of how I assembled my robot
  • Sample code, schematics, PCBs

Bill of Materials (8-22-2008)
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