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A Quick Image to Gcode Tutorial Using EMC2

Start with this document: EMC2 User Manual (PDF) – Check out chapter 22.

micRoWhen I say quick, I mean lightning fast quick. The video accompanying this is about 4 minutes long. I used GIMP in Ubuntu 8.04 to make some lettering. It simply says, “micRo”.  I used sans bold font and made it fit in a 1.5″ x 7″ area. I cropped the image and saved it under a .png file.
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Two micRo CNC Router Videos: Drawing a ruler and EMC Image to GCODE

These are two videos and pictures of today’s experimentation. I tried out Image to GCODE in EMC2, and I tried out a GCODE program that I wrote to draw a ruler. Overall, I think it was a pretty good afternoon. The King Josiah would look better if carved in wood, but I’m not ready for that yet. I used GIMP to put black text on a white background. Then I loaded it into EMC2.
Image to GCODE
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Converting an Eagle Board to GCODE

Eagle BoardThe first step in converting a board in Eagle to GCODE is having a board. I have drawn a very simple circuit that is simply an LED board. It’s practically useless, but I’ll use it as a springboard to get us from Eagle to PCB. After you draw your board in Eagle, I recommend saving the file someplace where you can easily access and find it. I always keep my Eagle and NGC files located in C:/mygcode/. The NGC files are the files used by EMC2 to control the router.
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