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Two micRo CNC Router Videos: Drawing a ruler and EMC Image to GCODE

These are two videos and pictures of today’s experimentation. I tried out Image to GCODE in EMC2, and I tried out a GCODE program that I wrote to draw a ruler. Overall, I think it was a pretty good afternoon. The King Josiah would look better if carved in wood, but I’m not ready for that yet. I used GIMP to put black text on a white background. Then I loaded it into EMC2.
Image to GCODE
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Converting an Eagle Board to GCODE

Eagle BoardThe first step in converting a board in Eagle to GCODE is having a board. I have drawn a very simple circuit that is simply an LED board. It’s practically useless, but I’ll use it as a springboard to get us from Eagle to PCB. After you draw your board in Eagle, I recommend saving the file someplace where you can easily access and find it. I always keep my Eagle and NGC files located in C:/mygcode/. The NGC files are the files used by EMC2 to control the router.
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This week @ Tech-tut (August 19, 2010)

The Lumenlab micRo CNC arrived this week, and I have been completely busy preparing some blogs for it. I started out with an article explaining how to install Ubuntu and EMC2, but anything past that is going to be specific to my machine. I will outline the testing process that I took, and give references to those who’ve gone before me.

Setting up the CNC router was a piece of cake. I took it out of the box and had it running in 15 minutes. Lumenlab had all of the required files and setups ready to go. I’ll explain the whole process in detail soon.

The rest of my time is being devoted to school work. I will be adding some new Cigar Box Amps to sell on Etsy.com if anyone is interested in buying one.

Have a great week! It’s more than just a project…It’s where all your money goes.