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LEDs arrived from China. LED Stage Lighting part II (Concept Only)

This blog is as far as we ever went with this project. Cheap LEDs have color differences, and we couldn’t get it right.

August 20, 2009 @ 2:05pm – The LED arrangement is great for dark rooms, but we need much more light. This plan is going to be “canned” and another solution is going to be sought. I am going to check out the high-power LEDs at the Ebay and see what’s shakin’. It’ll be another 2 weeks before anything else arises.
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LED stage lighting…but not $400. Keep it cheap! (Concept Only)

Clint, the other tech-tut.com owner, and I have joined our powers together to begin designing an 8 can lighting system that would fit any budget. We were, and still are, hoping to keep it under $150. We have had estimates as high as $200, but we keep getting creative. The first money saving device was for Clint to build a computer program to control the settings instead of having a “breakout box” to do all the work. This means that we don’t have to buy a bunch of slider pots and switches, which add up in cost almost exponentially.
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