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Adding a power supply to a Cigar Box Amp (REVISED)

This is the first installment of adding a power supply jack to a cigar box amp.

After a little research I’ve discovered that most effects pedals have a negative tip configuration. Diagram Negative TipThe first few cigar box amps that I built and sold with a power supply jack were positive tip. I’ve found that a positive tipped power supply is much harder to come across.
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This week @ tech-tut (August 5)

Things are going well this week. A few Cigar Box Amps have been sold on the eBay. One CBA was modified for a gentleman interested in buying it on Etsy. I added a DC jack for use with a wall adapter. I am thinking that the wall adapter jack needs to be standard on all of the CBAs built by me because several people have asked about them.

A couple of repairs were sent my way this week. A few Danelectro pedals came through that had some loose parts. A touch of resoldering brought them back to a reliable life. Two straightening irons were repaired. One had a short in the plug and at the elbow. I spliced and resoldered the joints and heatshrinked them back to life.

This weekend I’ll be assembling a few more Cigar Box Amps. I have enough supplies to build two more before having to reorder parts. I’m thinking about exclusively selling them on Etsy from now on. I sell them at such low prices that I’m working for about $2 an hour after the eBay fees are paid. That’s not even hardly worth my time, but I enjoy building them, and I believe Etsy.com will be the best route for me to go.

Finally, I’m preparing my work shop for my new Lumenlab micRo V3 CNC router. I posted a new entry with a photo here–> Preparing for a Lumenlab micRo V2(V3) CNC Router It’s due to ship any day now.

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DIY guitar effects…General Guitar Gadgets

Lately, I have been on a guitar effects kick.¬†I found a Big Muff Pi schematic somewhere on the net. I thought it looked pretty cool so I built it on some Radioshack prototype boards and some scrap parts from some radios and an Xbox. It turned out to be a big mess, but it worked (sort of). I did not know how to wire a bypass switch so it was what I would call a “popper”.
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Our first Post!

This is the first post of the up and coming new website for techies, geeks, and other odd forms of human beings who love various kinds of “techknowlodgy.” This site is hosted by cefleetwebservices.com<~~shameless advertising¬†(um I dont have a website yet.. doh!) and maintained by clint and robbie, who spend time away from their lovely wives to waste time making gadgets, gizmos, and occasionally (so far no) money. So i hope you enjoy it.

-clint -edited by robbie