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2 channel, 5A/channel H-bridge – EASY TO BUILD

Parts needed:
2 – TLE5205-2IN-ND ~ 5A H-bridge IC ~ $7.61EA ~ digikey.com
4 – ED1931-ND ~ 3-position terminal block ~ $1.12EA ~ digikey.com
2 – HS113-ND ~ heatsink for TO-220 ~ $.46EA ~ digikey.com
1 – 493-1674-ND ~ 220uF electrolytic capacitor ~ $.58EA ~ digikey.com
misc – screws and nuts, circuit board, wire.

H-bridge schematic

H-bridge pcb layout

TLE5205 datasheet

My total cost was about $21 plus shipping costs. I made a pcb with some scrap copper clad board that I had in the Man-Barn(my hobby barn). You can either use point to point soldering using the schematic or create a pcb. Make sure the capacitor is from the positive voltage to ground. This is to draw any noise to ground. The datasheet has the truth table and voltage limits. Please post any questions and I will reply as soon as possible with a solution.