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Atmel Microcontrollers: An easy button?

In my quest to study microcontrollers, I wanted to give Atmel a shot. I did some digging to find that Atmel has some great stuff out there that is free. They have a great studio (AVR Studio 4/5) that allows you to write Assembly or C programs. Once you install AVR Studio and write a C program, trying to compile it won’t work right out of the box, but it directs you to WinAVR. It needs that to compile C programs.

I wrote a small program to test the simulator. Yes, a sim!!! Totally cool. While I won’t be using Atmel any time soon, I wanted to be sure that it gets some light. I think that I would choose to use Atmel if my plate weren’t already full with school obligations.

Check out how easy it can be by looking at this sample program: avr-libc: A simple project
There is plenty of help at the avr-libc location. I believe that even beginners can get up to speed quickly with the online manual.

You can find programmers for purchase at Atmel.com.

ATTINY13 Datasheet

Microcontrollers: Stamp, Picaxe, Microchip, Atmel? Assembly, Basic, C? Which way to go?

I have started getting into some different types of programming for microcontrollers lately. I have wanted to learn C for Microchip’s line of microcontrollers, and now that I have begun I have found it to be relatively expensive. There are pros and cons for every platform, so I am going to blog on my experience so far.
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