Stripe Snoop

While Googling “How to make money online” just to see what came up, I remembered the old Stripe Snoop program, so I wanted to see how many times I ( came up in the search. All of me was in the first page of search results. I wanted to see how many people made posts about it, and found that a few folks have played with SS in the last few years. I know that the Make article is quite old, but the program creator seems to still be adding updates occasionally with the last one being around 2010. I think that is neat, and I hope that others get interested in Stripe Snoop.

I threw together some of my personal links, and then a few links to some places out there on the net. One of the more useful posts of mine is the one where I wrote a program to decipher the RAW output of Stripe Snoop (SS). One thing that was not discussed was how to compile the C++ programs. I could always be persuaded to write the program in Java, which should run on any computer. I just haven’t seen that my raw decoder has been very popular.

If you are new to electronics, as I was when I found this project, I highly recommend picking up the first issue of Make magazine and trying it out. The most tools you need are some nippy snips, a soldering iron, and some solder to go along with the components. I learned a little about PCB construction, soldering, and wire management all in the same little project. In the end, it was fun to swipe credit cards to see what could be decoded.

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