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I joined a few sites today: Cigarboxnation.com and Pcbgcode.org

Cigarboxnation.com is a place for people to get plans and share their cigar box creations with other makers. I went there to get some new ideas for my cigar box amps, and I decided to join and share my experiences.

Pcbgcode.org has a good forum that can help you with PCB-GCODE issues. The program is used in conjunction with Eagle cad to produce files to create circuit boards and other great CNC things. I can’t really speak with authority about it all because I am still learning. As noted in my “Preparing for CNC delivery” page, I haven’t received my micRo CNC router yet, but I’m learning as much as I can in the waiting process.

I’m not a paid affiliate of any sites mentioned ever in my blogs. I only mention sites that I think can help my readers get more out of their hobby.

Electro-Mechanical Can Crusher Using 6″ C-clamp (Concept Only)

8/12/2009 – This project was not a working project. The threads from the clamp froze once enough pressure was applied to the can. Using this with a drill that was not disassembled worked great because extra force with the hand could be used, but just mounting a motor on tracks lost its power. We have given up on this project, but it was still a great idea.

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A school project involves making a robot that crushes cans. I’ve been thinking over this idea trying to think of ways to accomplish this task without a lot of engineering and time. I finally stood in the machine shop at work and found a c-clamp that was large enough to fit an aluminum can into.
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Quick Review – Boe-Bot Robot: Brains and Good looks!

During my technical college days I had some time to work with Boe Bots featuring the Basic Stamp II. The Boe-Bot is a nice platform for making robots, especially for beginners. Although the kit includes all that you need to build a bot, I would recommend downloading the Basic Stamp manual as well in order to fully understand the syntax for the Stamp. Building robots is fun, but while you build them why not learn something, too?

Obtaining a Boe Bot is as easy as logging onto Parallax.com and giving them about $160 dollars. Shipping will cost you a little more.
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2 channel, 5A/channel H-bridge – EASY TO BUILD

My total cost was about $21 plus shipping costs. I made a pcb with some scrap copper clad board that I had in the Man-Barn(my hobby barn). You can either use point to point soldering using the schematic or create a pcb. Make sure the capacitor is from the positive voltage to ground. This is to draw any noise to ground. The datasheet has the truth table and voltage limits. Please post any questions and I will reply as soon as possible with a solution.