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This is the original 6DG6GT tube amp that I built. It's electronic design is exact of the GMOON Instructable.

This is the original 6DG6GT tube amp that I built. It’s electronic design is exact of the GMOON Instructable.

The idea to build my first tube amp came from an idea some classmates and I had in 2008. We decided that we wanted to build a guitar amp, so I did some research on it; I had to decide what options we had. Basically, we could go solid state or we could go with vacuum tubes. I was somehow very attracted to the tubes.

A little more research gave me some great resources. First, “Guitar Tube Amp by Gmoon” on was my first find. The second big find was “” which gave me much more theory and calculations than I cared to use. It’s there if you want to do it, though.

In the end, I wound up being the only person finally building an amp. I’m extremely pleased with the outcome because I have gone on to build several different tube amps. As of June 2014 I have a single 6DG6GT amp, an EL84 amp, and an ongoing “upcycle” tube amp build in the process.

Links to my tube amp posts

6DG6GT Tube amp

  • Building a Tube Amp from Scratch: Crazy! – (12-27-2008) This is a tube amp built using a 12AX7 preamp and 2 – 6DG6GT power tubes. I got the idea to build this amp from an Instructable.
  • 6DG6GT Tube Amp Design – (4-10-2013) The day I decided to redesign this amp.
  • 6DG6GT Tube Amp Images – (6-9-2014) The final design per V1.4!
  • 6DG6GT – (6-11-2014) I changed the tone stack to Vox style
  • 6DG6GT – (9-4-2014) Updated tone stack values and redrew schematic V1.52

EL84 Tube Amp

Schematics and Design Files


Tube Amp #2: EL84 Output (Schematic Version 1)


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