Robbie’s Personal Information :) [Electronics formulas && math stuff; !passwords && !creditCards :(]

This is just a collection of stuff that I never remember, but use sometimes.

1. Different forms of the Euler formula:

2. Random stuff I should know, but I don’t:

3. Quadratic Equation Java Solver

4. Serial Communications in: Windows -> Here: Linux -> Here or Here

5. The Trig Circle (Hand drawn because I didn’t want to use someone else’s):

Formulas created with CodeCogs Equation Editor

Ubuntu stuff: (Backing up my junk)
user@compname:/media/store$ sudo tar -cvpzf serverBackup.tar.gz –exclude /serverBackup.tar.gz –exclude /proc/ –exclude /lost+found/ –exclude /sys/ –exclude /mnt/ –exclude /dev/ –exclude /media/store –exclude /media/store2 /
Using TAR to make a system backup

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