POV: Persistence of Vision with a Picaxe 18X

POV ImageThis is a project that I finished around March 2008 which was well before the birth of http://Tech-tut.com. I read the first issue of Make magazine and saw a POV by a guy named Bunnie Huang (Make volume 1 Page 34-37, 186-189). This thing is really cool looking, but is way above a beginner’s head. Actually, this was when I started with the Picaxe. This was my first big project. Since then, most of this project has been lost, but I happened to find the program and the file containing the letters and numbers so I could copy and paste whatever words I wanted. I am including all this here. I’ll use my multimeter to make a new schematic. Nothing beats a little reverse engineering. Also, I may design a POV in C so that we can cater to the beginners and the advanced, but only time will tell. As for now, please enjoy the Tech-Tut POV.

The POV is very simple. It flashes different LEDs and when it is waved around it creates the illusion that it is drawingPOV Image words or pictures in the air. Mr. Huang’s POV used RGB LEDs. There’s a whole new programming ball game there. I might learn how to do it someday, but for now I’m happy with my single color POV.

POV Image

Picaxe 18x POV schematic
Picaxe 18X POV program
Letters and numbers layout code (RTF – Wordpad or OpenOffice.org)

POV Image

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