POV: Persistence of Vision with a PIC16F690

POV ImagePOV ImageOver the past two days my wife and child have been sick so I’ve had lots of home time to¬†POV Imagework on this project. It’s pretty amazing to me that I just started this PIC16F690 POV project less than two days ago, and I already have it finished and working. I worked pretty hard to get the C files completed for this. I also drew a board with Eagle, but I just used some scrap perfboard. Nothing in the world beats point to point soldering. It was actually pretty easy since there isn’t really much to solder in this project.

On a side note, I went back and read the MAKE article that I mentioned in the first POV post. It appears that Mr. Huang used something like an MCP23S17. This could make for many LEDs and colors in your POV. The other issue was that he used a switching power supply. You could do this with DIP parts, but surface mount parts would be better. This is why I will choose not to accept the mission. I’ll just use some orange-red LEDs from my opto-electronics bin.

Note: When programming the PIC16F690 or the Picaxe chip, a 1ms delay/pause is a little better than the 2ms that I used. Just change the variable value to a 1 and the letters and designs will shrink a little, but will be easier to read. Enjoy!

16F690 POV SchematicPOV Image
16F690 POV Board (not verified to be correct)
16F690 POV C text file
16F690 POV H include file

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