micRo V3: Drilled Base and Planing MDF for Circuit Boards

I am just posting some pictures and video of me drilling and tapping the base of my V3 micRo. There’s really nothing special about it. It doesn’t really matter where you drill and tap your holes as long as it works for you and doesn’t interfere with your work. You could build a skyscraper on your base if you just remember to keep your tooling away from it.

Drilling the Quarter Inch Holes

I inserted a 5/16″ drill bit into the spindle and fired it up. The mounds indicate where the holes were drilled.

Drilling 5/16 inch holes before tapping

This picture shows the pile of aluminum shavings after the holes were drilled. I used Tap Magic to lubricate the drill, and the workshop smelled like cinnamon at this time.Aluminum shavings pile

After the holes were tapped, I used some surface cleaner and some rags to wipe up the rest of the residue. I wanted to be sure that my MDF board would sit perfectly when mounted to the base.

Tapped holes and a cleaned base

Tapped out

Almost there

I am using MDF to mount material to the bot to route it. I’ll either use the pre-existing holes and machine screws or I can use wood screws for odd shaped stuff.

The last step that I took before going to sleep was to write some Gcode to automatically surface a 7″ x 7.5″ square. This should ensure that the tolerance of the MDF is ignored. Now I should be able to accurately route circuit boards without having to worry about my bits varying with depth.

More tapped out holes

Zen garden

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