KK4FGM on the International Space Station (RS0ISS-4)

Screen capture of ariss.netEarlier today I took a shot at communication with the UNPROTO side of the ISS’s amateur radio communication system. I would give myself a C- for operation because I made a few mistakes, but I was brought up on www.ariss.net. The funny thing is that it put me right in the sea below Iceland. Thanks to my friend Thomas for pointing that out to me. I am not running APRS yet. I haven’t quite figured out if Ubuntu can do that for me.

You can see that my message was longer than my packet length of 72. It was split, and with the busy system it was spread out over several seconds or minutes. I will shorten the message next time.

I issued a public apology on issfanclub.com for not using good operating procedures and not knowing what I was doing. I wasn’t intentionally trying to make a mess, but nonetheless I feel awful for tying up the line for longer than I needed.

Once I figure out this stuff good enough, I plan on blogging about the experience so that perhaps the knowledge can be spread. I am using a Yaesu FT-1900, a Kantronics KAM TNC (bought used…I think it’s somewhat old), and an HP laptop running Ubuntu 11.10. I have a cheap USB to serial adapter to connect the TNC to the computer. I didn’t receive any cables with the TNC when  I bought it, and I had to wire all those up, too. That was fun, and it only took two tries to get them right.

I hope to see everyone on the ISS, soon. Not literally everyone, but to those who work it, I’ll be there as much as I can to say hi. Perhaps someday I can get an APRS system going, too.

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I am an electronics enthusiest and a ham radio operator (W1RCP). I like to play with electronics. It's fun and educational. I looked forward to working in the engineering field in the future. I have a BS in Electronics Engineering Technology from DeVry University. I also have an Associate's degree in Marketing Management from Moultrie Tech, and a diploma in Electronics from MTC.

2 thoughts on “KK4FGM on the International Space Station (RS0ISS-4)

  1. Heard you on the ISS a few mins ago. Will QSL once I get some cards printed up. Welcome to the hobby, and I dig the website! 73 de Sean

  2. Thanks. Hope to see you again on the ISS. That is one of my favorite parts of the ham hobby. I also chase FM birds, but that requires me to go outside. :)

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