Installing Eagle and PCB-GCODE in Ubuntu

This article explains the steps to install Eagle cad and PCB-GCODE to my computer. Installing Eagle is not very difficult.

    1. Go to Right click the link for Linux and select save link as. Save it to the Desktop.
    2. Once downloaded, you’ll follow the instructions from Cadsoft. Open up the terminal and navigate to /home/user-name/Desktop and execute the command “sh”. The program will begin.

  1. Follow the prompts as Eagle installs. Once the Eagle installer is complete, Eagle will be ready to run. You may have to copy the file located at /home/username/eagle-5.10.0/bin named eagle to your desktop to easily open Eagle. This is what I did. I simply copy and pasted it.

Once you open Eagle for the first time, you may have to tell it where the key file is located. It is in /eagle-5.10.0/bin, and it is named freeware.key. Finally, Eagle is going to want to make new folders for you in your home directory. These folders already exist in the eagle-5.10.0 folder, so I clicked no to all of them. In Eagle, go to the directories and set each one to the exact location: /home/username/eagle-5.10.0/[folder], where folder is either ulp, scr, dru, lib, cam. I used /home/username/mygcode/ for my projects folder. You can use whatever you want to.

Installing PCB-GCODE is also very simple.


  1. Go to and go to the forum. Click Software and then downloads. Download the latest release to your Desktop.
  2. Open the file in the Archive Viewer.
  3. In Places, click Computer and navigate to /home/username/eagle-5.10.0/ulp/.
  4. Simply select all of the files in the Archive Viewer and drag them to the ulp folder.
  5. That’s all you have to do. The next segment will focus on taking a board in Eagle and converting it to Gcode.

Drag PCB-GCODE files to the eagle ulp folder

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7 thoughts on “Installing Eagle and PCB-GCODE in Ubuntu

  1. hi, i did the process described by you, but when i enter the sh eagle-lin…. etc comand it appears:
    Checksum error in ‘

    what does it means

  2. My boss insists on using Ubuntu and wanted me to find a way to allow him to still design his circuit boards without switching. Thanks for providing just what I needed.

  3. Thanks. Hope it works out. I’ve found that you cannot upgrade to the new Eagle, lately. It doesn’t affect me in Ubuntu as long as I use anything version 5, but version 6 won’t install in some of the new Ubuntu distros. The affected me when I designed something in v6.x in Windows and tried to open it in Ubuntu with version 5.x. Other than that, I am pleased with the Eagle program.

  4. greetings:
    I am trying to install eagle 6.2.0. on Ubuntu.
    I typed “sh” in the terminal window and the response was
    “can’t open”
    any ideas??

  5. At this time, the only thing I can think of are the permissions are wrong. Try chmod +x

    Now try it again.

    Let me know if this works for you.

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