Hot glue is the poor man’s way to make! Hot glue USB drive.

Measuring resistance of hot glueLately, hot glue has made its way into my projects. Some of my technical college classmates can remember me bringing in an Altoids can with LEDs and 5 sticks of hot glue melted on the inside. My PIC16F690 POV can was hot glued. Well, I had a USB disk drive stop working the other day so I tore it apart and tried to make sure it wasn’t dead. Well, after a little Hot glue thumb driveresearch I was able to revive it. Since the case was destroyed, I had to find something to put it in to protect it. I have found the solution. Hot glue! It’s an insulator, it applies easily, and it is durable. Above all, I think it looks totally cool being opaque and all.

I wasn’t sure if the heat would hurt the chips, so I ran to the freezer and placed it on ice after each application. I probably won’t lose this one. [9-6-2010 - I lost it!!! How ironic?!?!?!]

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