Microchip and the HI-TECH Compiler - by Robbie

I came to the conclusion in February 2012 that the statements that I made about the HI-TECH compiler in 2008 were wrong. With a little research and knowledge I was able to understand the compiler. I now offer my knowledge to the community as I tinker with HI-TECH in the MPLAB X IDE. All of this is free! All you have to buy is your favorite programmer and Microchip microcontroller. I use the Pickit 2 and a PIC16F690 for these experiments. In the beginning, only the board that came with the Pickit will be used, but schematics will be provided as needed since I understand that the hardware included with the Pickit does vary. (I assume that the reader has a basic knowlege of C.)

Register Descriptions [datasheet page number] - These are also defined in the HI-TECH header files

Preprocessor Descriptions [HI-TECH manual page number]

Built in functions/macros [HI-TECH manual page number]