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Lately, I have been on a guitar effects kick. I found a Big Muff Pi schematic somewhere on the net. I thought it looked pretty cool so I built it on some Radioshack prototype boards and some scrap parts from some radios and an Xbox. It turned out to be a big mess, but it worked (sort of). I did not know how to wire a bypass switch so it was what I would call a “popper”.

Then Jared, my electronics classmate, got us hooked on They offer kits, but they also have schematics and parts lists for those at home with a bunch of parts. I once thought that I was too good for wiring diagrams. That was until I melted a few switches by desoldering my mistakes. They have some of the most in depth instructions to make anything and I always use them. It makes life so much easier, especially when working with pots and switches. If you don’t want to mess with boards and point to point wiring, they have kits and pcb’s for sale as well.

This is not a paid advertisement! I just like these guys, and I know you will too. For the guy/gal that has enough parts at home to build a pedal, get your 3PDT switches from them!


Pedals I have built: (11 total…they make great gifts!)
Ibanez Tube Screamer – built 2 from kits
Big Muff Pie 70′s version – built 2 from scratch
EA tremolo – from scratch
DA Fuzz face – built 1 from kit and 1 from scratch
Digital Delay – built from kit (hard to find parts…kit is worth it)
AB switch – 1 from kit and 2 from scratch

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