Directional Antenna Compass Using Inkscape

Screenshot from Inkscape showing compass stripI was telling my cousin, Ken, about my antenna, and I mentioned that I lost my compass that I was using to direct it and I was estimating where certain repeaters were located. He gave me a good idea. Why not print a strip of paper with the degree marker to wrap around the PVC pipe?

Great idea. I’ll put a tick mark on my mast (the part that doesn’t move) and then glue the strip to the rotating portion of the mast. Then I can align it up one time using a compass, and then I’ll have a quick and easy way to align the antenna after that. He discussed soaking the paper in a super glue mixture, but I think I will just use some clear tape to secure it.

The first step is to find the circumference around the pipe. Pi*diameter. For my case, the circumference is 5.215″. In Inkscape I chose to use pixels as the measurement. The resolution is 90px per inch. The length of my compass will be 469.35 pixels, and each 1.30376 pixels is one degree. Using guides in Inkscape, I marked out ten degrees with vector lines. Then I copied those ten (including the zero mark) and pasted them. After aligning the zero and the ten mark, I copied the twenty degrees and pasted them. After aligning I copied the forty and pasted. Now I have 80 degrees pasted. Then 160. Then 320. Then I pasted 160 again and deleted all those that came after 360.

Now I just have to print it and affix it to the mast.

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