Cracked Iphone Screen; I’m dying!

My iPhone hit the ground! It's cracked, and doesn't work. Well, it finally happened. I was using my iPhone without a protective case, and I dropped it. Instant death! The screen was populated by solid colored streaks and only responded to swipes in certain spots.

If I was lucky enough to get to the home screen, the phone opened random apps and pushed random selections in an extremely violent and unpredictable manner. I couldn’t even power it down because the power off swipe confirmation was located in the dead zone of the screen. I had to let the phone die on its own so I could disassemble it. When not in use this thing lasted almost three days! (The wifi was turned on, so that probably helped it.)

I’m really just mad that the phone’s screen couldn’t be something resilient like plastic!!! Sure, glass feels really awesome, but it requires a huge case to protect it. I mean, really protect it! I don’t like cases. They get stuck in my pocket. Whatever happened to phones that weren’t so fragile??? My Nokia 3210 could have been hurled from a jet plane at cruising altitude and would fair better than an iPhone of any species!

usps_delivery_whenI’m in the process of repairing my iPhone. So far I have purchased a replacement screen on eBay for $34.00. It is due to be delivered on or near Friday, August 8, 2014. As of this writing, which is Friday, August 8, 2014, the United States Postal Service (USPS) hadn’t delivered it. I think they should just say this: “Expected Delivery Day: Sometime between now February 30th.” At least then, I could laugh and say, “Good one. At least you know you suck at predicting how things travel through your system.” It might even be funnier if they said this: “Expected Delivery Day: You’d get this faster if you moved to a large city with a freaking huge sort facility. Problem is that you live in a small town, and our ability to cut costs and run an efficient business means you’re going to have to wait a really long time to get your crap because we have to wait for enough mail to pile up before we put it on a truck to get it near your town.”

In all actuality, I’m probably just having withdrawals from my phone. I’ve been without it for a week, and I’ve realized one thing. There are a lot of apps that I don’t need on it anymore because I’ve lived this long waiting to get home to check them, and when I get on to check them, NOTHING IS THERE TO CHECK!!!

Tune in next time for a video of me repairing my iPhone…It’s sure to be a good one; It’ll be good and boring because I fixed it, or it will be good and funny because the fix didn’t work, and it made me say a bad word!

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I am an electronics enthusiest and a ham radio operator (W1RCP). I like to play with electronics. It's fun and educational. I looked forward to working in the engineering field in the future. I have a BS in Electronics Engineering Technology from DeVry University. I also have an Associate's degree in Marketing Management from Moultrie Tech, and a diploma in Electronics from MTC.