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My First Raspberry Pi (RasPi) Post…GPIO

Reading and Writing to the RasPi GPIO using BASH

The gPIo of the Raspberry Pi

The top header is the gpio. It’s nice that it’s called the gPIo. How convenient!

I’ve finally taken some time to play with my Pi after getting some of the peripherals to work. I struggled getting the sound to work, but finally found a post that described what to do. I’d like to point out that I’m still using Debian Squeeze. That might be where some of my issues stem from. has the latest downloads, and many of the bugs that I deal with are probably solved by now in newer distributions.

What I have done is taken the time to play with the GPIO port using a Bash script. My Bash skills are not top notch, but with a little searching I can usually get things done. Here’s what I discovered using my simple Bash script. Continue reading