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All Things Lumenlab Take Nosedives

Earlier this year I posted “Where did go?“, and someone was trying to revive the community with a new forum. Even that forum went by the wayside and now simply says, “RIP LumenLab.” I’ve been pondering my situation with the router, and I think it’s safe to say that I and others that own Lumenlab CNC routers are on the losing end of the deal.

While the original Lumenlab forum was in existence, there were a few problems that happened to users that resulted in the need for parts. The one issue that I recall clearly was the Z-axis tool holder breaking. If this happens, you’re pretty much in trouble. I’m just trying to figure out what we can do to get replacement parts in the event that something bad does happen.

I’m distressed to know that there is no way to get new parts for my CNC router. Throughout the last year I’ve found it greatly disturbing that I cannot get parts made ‘at the factory’. At one point in time I remember seeing a BOM, and that would be something useful in the event that commercially made parts wear out, but I haven’t been able to locate it on the web.

Has anyone devised a way to make the Delrin and HDPE parts to replace worn out items? It’s not like we are trying to create a commercial item, but I know some were worried about ‘patent’ infringement and the sort. What good is our machine if we can’t make or obtain replacement parts?

I’m simply griping for the sake of griping. My wife was already angry that I spent thousands of dollars and then had to wade through mediocre customer service and long lead-times to get my machine. While it has helped my hobby, it hasn’t even begun to pay for itself. Sure, a CNC can spit out a PCB in just a few minutes, but now I’ve traded lost time in etching PCBs for expensive tools, and in the long run, I’m losing more money in tools and supplies than I’ll ever make up in productivity.

micRo V3: Drilled Base and Planing MDF for Circuit Boards

I am just posting some pictures and video of me drilling and tapping the base of my V3 micRo. There’s really nothing special about it. It doesn’t really matter where you drill and tap your holes as long as it works for you and doesn’t interfere with your work. You could build a skyscraper on your base if you just remember to keep your tooling away from it.

Drilling the Quarter Inch Holes

I inserted a 5/16″ drill bit into the spindle and fired it up. The mounds indicate where the holes were drilled.
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Setting Up the micRo CNC Router for the First Time

This topic is specifically related to someone who used their own computer, but it applies also to any micRo bot as the setup is pretty much the same. If you bought the Syncro computer, you can skip the file copying part because Lumenlab already set this up.

You probably would have already opened the box and drooled over the awesomeness of your router before the delivery personnel drove off. The first step is taking everything out of the box and making sure there is no visual damage. Sadly, some damage may be “internal”, and you might not discover it until you’ve scratched your head in the next steps. :) Have no fear, Lumenlab will help you fix any problems.
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A Quick Image to Gcode Tutorial Using EMC2

Start with this document: EMC2 User Manual (PDF) – Check out chapter 22.

micRoWhen I say quick, I mean lightning fast quick. The video accompanying this is about 4 minutes long. I used GIMP in Ubuntu 8.04 to make some lettering. It simply says, “micRo”.  I used sans bold font and made it fit in a 1.5″ x 7″ area. I cropped the image and saved it under a .png file.
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