Another broken USB drive has been salvaged…long enough to extract the data.

The word got out that I was able to piece USB drives back together.  This one was a no-namer 1GB drive, and it was thrashed!!! It is missing a resistor and a capacitor. I sure had one heck of a time making the connections, too. One of the data pins had a persistent solder bridge to ground, and I finally whipped out a thin kitchen knife to scrape the bridge away. Then I broke the data pin from the circuit board, bent it up, and made an “air” connection to avoid another bridge. I hate solder bridges on SMT devices. They are just shy from being impossible to get rid of.

The data has been extracted. I used Ubuntu 10.04 on my laptop to do the extracting. I’ll be writing the data to a DVD very shortly. Man, fixing stuff sure makes me feel good.

My Client's Old USB Drive

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