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Tech-tut was born from a passion of electronics and computers. It was named tech-tut, which is short for technical tutorials, but is not technically tutorials. The site has turned into a blog of technical experiences with the hope that it is more enjoyable than a step-by-step manual. If you want step-by-step then buying boxed furniture is a better route.

Tech-tut is more like a tool box that tells stories. The original idea for Tech-tut would have been more like a Garmin GPS, but that seemed as if it might get in the way. Tech-tut wasn’t just created to get something done. It was created because there’s more enjoyment in creating something than in the finished product.

While the processes and tasks are written in a blog-like fashion, Tech-tut tries to include as much documentation and illustrations as needed to make any task seem simple. We hope that you enjoy your stay. We strive to improve the site’s functionality as much as we can. Please drop us a line through the comments if there’s anything we can do better.

I started my interest in electronics as a child, around age 7, when I was given my first Radio Shack 50 in 1 electronics lab for my birthday. I didn’t learn anything, but I could pick up great AM radio stations on my crystal radio. The obsession got old so the kit was filed away in the toy chest. It would be many years before the fever would catch on.

In 2007, 18 years later, I found a magazine on the shelf of a big bookstore. It was volume 1 of Make:technology on your time. The article that had my total attention was about building a credit card swiper. I just had to have it, but I didn’t buy it. On Christmas day, I opened a small magazine-shaped present to find the exact magazine I was looking at. My wife knew that I wanted it so she bought it for me. She had no idea what she had started.

I began buying tools and parts to build my first electronics project. Radio Shack started getting multiple weekly visits. Digikey.com’s site was reading my cookies. This hobby was getting on its feet fast. It’s been 7 months since that first project. I’ve read every issue of Make to gain new perspectives in the electronics world…14+ 24 issues!

The final straw to my addiction to electronics was when my wife suggested that I go to the local tech college to learn more about it. Now, Clint and I bring you TECH-TUT.COM. We take our research and bring it to you so that you won’t just build a project, but you’ll learn about it, too.

I love electronics technology, and I always want more knowledge. Please remember that to me it’s “More than just a project!” It’s a learning experience.

My education:
Diploma: Electronics Technology, 2009, Moultrie Technical College

Bachelor’s Degree in Electronics Engineering Technology from DeVry University. March 2012.

-Robbie (March 2009; updated: June 2012)