6DG6GT Tube Amp Design Update 6-12-2014

6DG6GT_Tone_StackI couldn’t stand it. I really didn’t like the tone stack that I included in the 6DG6GT amp. After reading the GMOON Instructable the other day, I found out that he used the Big Muff Pi tone circuit as shown in Duncan’s Tone Stack Calculator. I decided that I liked the simplicity of the Vox style tone stack. I’ve added this to the 1.5 version schematic. Check out the page dedicated to all of my tube amps here: Tube Amp Builds…all in one place. The image shows the new tone stack built on my existing turret board. Since this is a prototype, I suppose I can live with a few parts that appear to float in mid-air.

One thing to note is that I wired the bass pot backwards. This is because I really want all of my knobs to be at full clockwise for the twangy, overdriven sound. That’s pretty much where I’ll keep it especially since I usually¬†play my guitar on the neck pickup which tends to lend to a darker sound.

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